Practicing Yoga

A number of luxury resort in Bali, especially Ubud, held a variety of yoga programs for several days. Suitable for those who want to escape for a moment from the routine of life. Here are some yoga programs ranging from yoga classes with a yoga teacher inviting during the holidays to package travel yoga which combines yoga, spa treatments, mountain bike, vegetarian dishes and meditation. Mt Agung view from Villa Bayad Ubud Bali

Do not miss the opportunity yoga outdoors while enjoying the panoramic view of fields and mountains while doing yoga in Villa Bayad Ubud Bali. Just bring yourself and comfortable clothing because the place is already preparing the necessary standard equipment, such as mattresses and bolsters. Will certainly be a unique experience, especially for those who are accustomed to doing yoga indoors, such as in the fitness center or yoga studio in the city center.

Note the type of yoga and exercise levels are offered. It could be, you are only able to follow a gentle yoga session in a day, or even require the type of yoga that is more challenging to release the tension.

Practicing Yoga

Some references romantic location for your wedding in Bali.

Wedding in Ubud Bali at Villa Bayad Ubud Bali

Here are some references romantic location for your wedding in Bali.
1. Tirtha Uluwatu
Located in Nusa Dua, Tirtha Uluwatu become a favorite destination for a wedding. Some local celebrity wedding ever held there. In Tirtha Uluwatu are unique triangular chapel surrounded by glass.
2. Tirta Uluwatu
Still in Uluwatu area are more romantic place that Tirtha Uluwatu. There is a private private villa built on a land area of ​​3000sqm with facilities, wedding pavilion, indoor and outdoor dining interconnecting locations, swimming pool and relaxation gazebo, a full commercial kitchen and bar.
3. Ocean Blue Hotel
Located in Nusa Dua, Ocean Blue Hotel into other options that would like to get married in Bali. With the building of semi-outdoor, will bring the bride and guests to feel the romance that is created from the atmosphere at Bluemoon Chapel and Bluemoon Villa. Surrounded by gardens and tropical weather add to the romance. In the evening, the bride can hold a reception at Bluemoon Villa to enjoy a candlelight dinner.
4. Alila Villa Uluwatu
Alila Villas Uluwatu bring exotic atmosphere to the wedding ceremony. Sprawling lawns and gardens extensive and beautiful ocean views, makes the feel more intimate and romantic wedding. The place became an idol at Alila Villas Uluwatu is Cliff-edge Sunset Cabana (a cliff with dramatic views towards the Indian Ocean), The Look-Out (terrace on the second floor with a view of the resort and the Indian Ocean), The Hilltop (located The topmost peak with a broad view of the resort).
5. Ayana Garden
Location Ayana Garden is located at Ayana villa located in Jimbaran. The place offers a variety of beautiful scenery. So no one, when many people choose Ayana as a wedding venue. One signature wedding party venue in Ayana is ‘Private Secret Garden’, which is a garden with exotic atmosphere, surrounded by flowers and an endless expanse towards the Indian Ocean. In the middle of the venue are Joglo style wooden kingdom in Central Java.
6. Ayana Chapel
Chapel that was in the room at the Ayana Villa glass it makes the atmosphere remains intimate, yet dramatic. Although in the room, guests and the bride could clearly see the sights that surround the chapel. Consists of a vast expanse of the park, as well as tropical aroma that can be inhaled.
7. Karma Kandara Resort
Want to get married on the beach while enjoying the sunset? At Karma Kandara resort be the right place to realize your desires are. Karma Kandara Resort is built on a cliff with a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean. The resort provides 180-degree views of the spectacular blue ocean background for your exotic wedding in Bali.
8. Villa Bayad Ubud Bali
For those who want a marriage conducted in a green expanse of hills and rice fields, Villa Bayad Ubud Bali is the right place wedding in Ubud Bali. Whether you select a traditional wedding or an intimate ceremony, Villa Bayad Ubud Bali can design your wedding at their beautiful property.

Some references romantic location for your wedding in Bali.

Yoga Activity in Ubud Bali

Ubud with natural atmosphere cool and green by the expanse of the slope of a hill paddy promising freshness of the air. Various sports tourism activities widely available in Ubud, such as yoga, cycling, trekking etc. Most lodging in Ubud provides a facility to perform a yoga class as found in the Villa Bayad Ubud Bali.

Yoga class at Villa Bayad Ubud bali

We can do this yoga in Ubud activities in the morning when the air is still fresh. It also meant that when we do this exercise, the mind is still relaxed and refreshed. This activity has been very popular among local and international travelers. If you have never done yoga, do not worry because in Ubud Bali there’s available yoga exercises for beginners.

Yoga Activity in Ubud Bali